Computing Environment / Office Ergonomics

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Computing Environment / Office Ergonomics

Display Screen Workstation Assessment EU standard

Guidance Note for the Prevention of Occupational Overuse Syndrome in Keyboard Employment, 2nd Edition [NOHSC:3005(1996)] (Australia)

Risk of using a mouse or other non-keyboard input device (HSE report)

Office Ergonomics Research Committee 
A non-profit committee of companies dedicated to the advancement of research in office ergonomics. Group funds studies by universities in various aspects of ergonomics. Summaries on website.

Safe Office Practice 
Open Ergonomics and Loughborough University joint site

University Health Sciences, University of California at Berkley

Visual Display Units in the Place of Work - Approved Code of Practice for the Safe Use of

Visual Display Units in the Place of Work - Checklists for the Use of