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  • LEED Ergonomics Pilot Credit

    Great talk by Lucy Hart about standards and guidelines at the 2016 ACE Conference. The USGBC has updated the LEED Ergonomics Pilot Credit: Ergonomics Approach for Computer Users and have created a great infographic as a guideline for LEED teams. …

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  • Université de Moncton Research Update

    Nancy Black, PhD, P.Eng. is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Université de Moncton and a member of ACE since 1992. While mechanical, civil and electrical engineers may not be the first groups that come to mind when thinking ‘ergonomics’, Nancy teaches these concepts in courses of Introduction to engineering work (IEW), Technical drawing and design, Work study, Law and ethics (which includes Occupational safety and Health), Biomechanics and Industrial Production.…

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