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Obus Forme® is a global company with a passion for developing and manufacturing innovative consumer products that are engineered to enhance people’s lives by delivering comfort and support to the human body.

Since 1980, we have achieved success by applying the science of ergonomics and a professional understanding of the human body to every product we develop. Through extensive research and development, we take a holistic approach to crafting products that respond to your body’s every need .

The result is a perfect harmony of function and style in an ever-expanding line of products that have been ‘engineered for the human body’ - products so superior that you can feel the difference the first time you try them! From our original, award-winning Obus Forme® Lowback Backrest Support to the latest in therapeutic pillows, office equipment and the groundbreaking Obus Forme® Comfort Support System™ Backpacks, Obus Forme is committed to creating valued products for use at home, in the office and on the go.

Visit us at www.obusforme.com