Membership Benefits

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ACE has three categories of individual membership:

Companies can become Corporate Members.

See the membership comparison chart for a summary of the benefits for each category.

MEMBER ($176.00 + Provincial tax. Fee does not include first-time $30.00 processing fee)

Individuals who possess bachelor’s degree (or higher) related to ergonomics, from a recognized university, and are working in the field are eligible for ACE Member membership with the following benefits: 


Job Listings 

Member Discount Programs
Journal Discounts, Other Discounts

Liability Insurance Program
ACE members can contact broker for rates

Membership Directory Listing

Consultant Directory Listing
For Members ($50 plus tax)
Quarterly Newsletters

Vote, Run or Nominate Members for Council

Reduced Fees
ACE Conference and Events

Benefits of IEA Membership
Reduced conference fees


AFFILIATE MEMBERS ($87.00 + Provincial tax. Fee does not include first-time $30.00 processing fee)

Individuals who have an interest in human factors/ergonomics research, development, application or teaching, but do not have a formal academic background in the area of ergonomics can join ACE as affiliate members (a brief description of your interest in ergonomics is required)

Member Discount Programs
Journal Discounts, Other Discounts

Membership Directory Listing

Quarterly Newsletters  

STUDENTS ($41.00 +  Provincial tax)

Individuals who are studying some aspect of human factors/ ergonomics (full time or part time), are eligible to become student members of ACE (Endorsement is required by a member of the faculty of the institution).

Students receive all the benefits of Members with the exception of listing in the Consultant Directory, and eligibility to vote and hold National Council positions. However, students are eligible for student awards:

Student Awards