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The ergonomist (or human factors specialist) conducts research or applies knowledge on interrelationships between persons, equipment and working or living environments to ensure that the design of workplaces, products, tasks and work methods is compatible with human characteristics and maximizes safety, efficiency and well-being.

Such a professional and scientific role is broad in scope and requires the integration of knowledge and skills from a large number of disciplines. And so, the very nature of human factors/ergonomics is multi-disciplinary and it is essential that the field embrace and include the considerable source of knowledge and experience of research workers and users in related fields.

For instance, the Association's individual membership includes ergonomists as well as engineers, biomedical practitioners, psychologists, scientific workers, architects, designers, academics, managers, consultants and trade-union representatives, etc.

The membership categories are:

Individual membership

a person who possesses a bachelors or higher degree related to ergonomics, from a recognized university. Members are entitled to vote at the AGM, to nominate and vote for members of the Executive Council, to be nominated and, if elected, to serve as an officer of the Association.

The candidate must submit his or her résumé and a copy of his or her post-secondary educational transcripts.

Annual fee (as of 2016):

a person who has an interest in human factors/ergonomics research, development, application or teaching, but does not have a formal academic background in the area of ergonomics.

Please submit a brief description of your interest in ergonomics.

Annual fee (2013 - with the balance of 2012):

a person who is in full time and part time education, and is studying some aspect of human factors/ ergonomics.

Endorsement is required by a member of the faculty of the institution.

Annual fee (as of 2016):


The Association also bestows the title of Fellow and Honourary Fellow to persons who have distinguished themselves in the service of the discipline or the Association and have been nominated for this honour by their peers.


*Applications received after July 1st are entitled to a 40% discount on first-year member dues, with the exception of student membership.

Membership Application (English) (60 KB)


Corporate Membership

Supporting organizations: organizations in the public and private sectors that have a stake in a dynamic Association and an interest in promoting the discipline, such as manufacturing companies, consultants, universities, government departments, workers' compensation boards, etc. 
Such organizations are conscious of the key role that human factors/ergonomics can play in the competitiveness of Canadian industry and the well-being of the workforce.

More about Corporate Membership