Half Day Workshop - AM

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Assessing HF Capability in Organisations:

 Identifying new opportunities to benefit from ergonomics



Michael Greig & W. Patrick Neumann

Human Factors Engineering Lab, Dept of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,
Ryerson University

 Don Patten, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services


Half-Day Workshop

Target Audience: Ergonomists, Engineers, Managers, OHS Personnel

Experience level: All levels


This half-day workshop focuses on improving the ability of attendees to assess the extent to which an organisation is capitalising on ergonomics in their routines. Participants will learn the principles and application of a novel organizational assessment method: the Human Factors Integration Tool (HFIT). The method allows companies to quantitatively assess their organization for its level of World Class maturity of HF capability and integration. It can open new doors for applying ergonomics in organisations and help monitor progress as companies improve their ergonomics related processes across the firm. The reasoning behind the method and the approach itself will be presented and discussed. Participants will be invited to exchange insights on how evaluations at the organisational level can help them achieve deeper implementation of HF in their organisations, and find new ways to help ergonomics contribute to organisation success in terms of both improved employee wellbeing and better work system performance. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of their experience with HF audits. The session will highlight the importance of measuring the level of HF integration, the potential impact of HF beyond health and wellbeing and demonstrate how HF can impact other functions in an organization.