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Welcome to the ACE Prairie and Northern Regional Website.

If you have information or articles you would like to share on our regional ACE web page, please contact Erin Walkom, Secretary (


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Upcoming Events:

1. Sampling Strategy for Ergonomists: Who, When, and How long to measure!

When: Tuesday, May 6 (Calgary) and Wednesday, May 7 (Edmonton)


2. Safety by Design Symposium

When: Thursday, May 22 (Vancouver)


3. Workshop on Behaviour Change

When: TBD - near the HSCSA Conference (November 3-4).


Stay tuned to emails for more information.


Human Factors and Ergonomics Interest Group (working title!)

A group in Calgary is merging the interests of cognitive and physical ergonomics professionals.  We meet every few months during the late afternoon/evening and topics vary!  For more information, please contact Margo Fraser ( or Kirsten Willms (

Have you tried the forums?

The ACE website now has several forums for both general discussion and regional news. This is a place for members to discuss topics of interest. Members may participate in the forum in their language of choice. Forum entries will not be translated. Check out the link.

Prairie and Northern Region Forum


Message from ACE National

ACE is pleased to welcome members to the Regions section of the web site. We encourage members to visit their regional home page to obtain updates and information on key activities in their area. Members who are traveling outside their area may also wish to check the regional home page for their destination, to find out about any events and activities that may be occurring in the area where they are visiting.

We also encourage members to browse the rest of the Web site as content is being added to and updated on a regular basis.

Region By Laws

The Region By Laws were amended in July, 2012.

Prairie and Northern Region By Laws