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The following web resources have been compiled as a service to ACE members.

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Links are provided in the language of the site.  Where a site is available in both English and French, a break in the underlining indicates that there is a separate site for each language.

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion of a web site in the list below does not constitute endorsement by ACE of any product or service described, or opinion expressed, on the pages of that site.

Index of Links / Resources


Ergonomics Associations

Ergonomics Certifying Bodies

Related Associations

Occupational Health/Safety

Workers’ Insurance Boards

Statistics Bureaus


Research Institutes/Networks/Centres (non-University) and Funding Sources

University Ergonomics-Related Research Labs

Ergonomics and Related Information for Specific Topic Areas


Other Useful Links

Intro to Ergonomics

General Useful Links Related to Ergonomics (non-commercial or commercial where there is a large resource area)

Institutional Corporate Ergonomics Program Sites

Books and Journals

Scientific Search Engines