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The ACE Displays are effective tools for promoting ACE and Ergonomics. They can be booked by ACE members for events in your area! ACE has 2 large displays and one table-top display (donated by AB-NWT Region with text in English only)

ACE display

Large Display

Table top display image

Table-Top Display 
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A 10-foot wide booth space will be required to accommodate the size of the large ACE Displays.


The ACE Regional Executives (not National) are responsible for the cost of shipping the Displays. The Regional Executive pays for shipping the Display from its current location into their Region. ACE National has an account with a national courier to be used by the Regions for shipping the Displays. The courier invoices received by National are passed onto the appropriate ACE Region for payment. The Regional Executive is responsible for safely storing the Display until the next booking. From time to time, the Displays will need repairs and will be recalled for this purpose.


  1. No additional insurance is required when shipping the display as it is covered under the national insurance policy.
  2. During the Summer, the Displays are shipped back to either Tanya Morose, Display Coordinator or another designated person; for maintenance and repair.
  3. When booking the display at an event, the event coordinator will encourage you to purchase additional “services” for your display. The only item you will require is an electrical outlet for large Displays. For large Displays, an extension cord is packed in the display case, and the case converts into a table-top podium. Other tables and chairs are clutter and not recommended.
  4. The display comes in a plastic shipping (storage) case on casters. It is easy to manoeuvre on a hard surface, and most people should be able to tip the display case(s) on its back and slide it into the back of their car.
  5. The display is easy to set up. Please see below for the downloadable instruction sheet.
  6. The display should be kept well stocked with ACE pamphlets and CCCPE brochures. A list of frequently asked questions has been prepared for your use, and can be downloaded from the link below.
  7. The display must be in a secure place, and should not be left in an unsecured public place overnight.
  8. The display has a logbook for recording its usage activity. This helps to track who has used it, at which events the display has appeared, any damages to the display, and recommendations for future improvements.
  9. ** In the event of any damage or problems please immediately notify the Display Coordinator, _________.


  1. Check the current display bookings (below) to ensure that the display is available for use (Note: very recent bookings may not yet be posted).
  2. Submit your request for the display via the "book the display for an event" link below.  Contact _______, if you have any questions or concerns about booking a display.
  3. Once is availability of a Display is confirmed follow these instructions: Instructions for Shipping the ACE Displays.


View the list of current bookings

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Book the display for an event

Other information:

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